June 29- July 1, 2018
Sheraton Tampa East



  1. Can I cosplay if I volunteer?
  2. Sort of. You will be given shifts to work over the course of the day. While you are on duty you will need to wear your volunteer vest so that it is clearly visible over your cosplay.

    If you have a costume which covers your head/face in any way it cannot be worn while you’re on duty. If you’re not sure if your cosplay will be acceptable please bring a change of clothes to the convention so that you can change if necessary.

    During all other times of the convention you can cosplay as much as you like in as many different costumes as you like.
  3. When will I get a response to my request?
  4. You will be notified within 3 business days or the receipt of your request. Additional information may be requested. If accepted you will be added to the Volunteer FaceBook page. Assignments will not be made until closer to the event.
  5. When’s the last day to sign up as a volunteer?
  6. You can sign up to volunteer until the 30th of May, 2018. At that time no more applications will be accepted.
  7. I got accepted to volunteer. When will I get my schedule?
  8. Schedules will be handed out at the Convention. (Orientation was held at the hotel on July 16th.)
  9. What is a volunteer orientation?
  10. Volunteer orientations are meetings that the volunteer coordinator will have with volunteers to explain what jobs you will be doing, how those jobs work, and outline what is expected of you.
  11. I want to volunteer. Do I need to buy a ticket?
  12. Volunteers will be offered a discount applied to the purchase a Single Day or Weekend Day pass. After completion of your volunteer hours, Volunteers may receive up to 50% back of the ticket price depending on hours worked, and Staff may receive up to 100% back.

    You will NOT receive a free wrist band for the evening Dance or Grand Galloping Gala. These events have limited access and if you wish to attend, you may purchase a separate wrist band for that event, or specifically volunteer for that event (subject to approval). You may receive an individualized discount toward the Dance or Gala ticket depending on hours worked. The VIP Pass is not included in the discount as that pass is priced to pay for our Guests of Honor and also includes the Dance and the Grand Galloping Gala.
  13. What is the Volunteer FaceBook page?
  14. The Volunteer FaceBook is for volunteers only. If you have been accepted as a volunteer you may be added to the page. On the FB page you will get occasional updates about volunteer related topics.
  15. I want to work in Security do I need to fill out two requests?
  16. No. Only fill out the request for the job you would like to do. Security is a separate application. (See links above.)
  17. I would like to be on "Staff" or be a "Coordinator". How do I apply?
  18. Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators must go through an interview process. They should be at least 18 years of age and have had prior Con experience. Please email The Admin at The Grand Brony Gala. Staff positions are subject to approval. Staff are requested to attend monthly staff meetings held in Tampa and Orlando areas.
  19. Who can I contact if I've questions that aren't answered in the FAQ?
  20. You can contact our Head of Staff